Friday, May 28, 2010

'Friday Night Lights' Shine On

Longtime reader may be wondering why I haven't mentioned "Friday Night Lights" for over a year now when it was all I could talk about when it first came on the air. After "bumping" into Taylor Kitsch and Scott Porter while they were filming a scene for Season 3 back in January '09, I sort of decided to pull away from the show when I found out first-run episodes were going to be airing on DIRECTV, with NBC getting them later. (This was the cost-saving plan the Peacock network came up with to keep the highly loved but lowly rated show on the air.) The writing appeared to be on the wall, so I decided to preemptively dump the show before the network did it first. But here we are more than a year later, and yet another season has aired on DIRECTV, and now they're running on NBC. Immediately feeling left out, I got Disc 1 of Season 3 through Netflix and got through it last week -- and Disc 2 arrived today. The show didn't miss a beat moving to DIRECTV it turns out, and now I kicking myself each week as a new episode airs and I'm forced to wait to watch it later on (on DVD in a year, perhaps?). I haven't gotten to the episode where Tim Riggins and Jason Street are shopping at a cheap-suit shop outside The New York Times building yet (I'm hoping by walk-by made it into the scene), but with the news this week that ABC Family has picked up reruns of "the first FIVE seasons of the show," that means we're guaranteed to at least one more new season. NBC says it will be the final installment, but since I haven't seen most of the third, none of the fourth and the fifth hasn't been shot yet, all of that alone guarantees the show will be around longer than most new shows I fall in love with (I'm talking about you, "Sons and Daughters," "The Comeback" and "Kath and Kim").


  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    K, if you want over-the-air TV shows shortly after they air, try Vuze. It's free. I never worry about a show not recording anymore. It looks like every 3rd and 4th season FNL is available.

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Season 4 is on NBC right now

  3. Matt Saracen has a couple of brilliant episodes this season. Get ready for tear up if whenever you get back to it.

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Kenneth-- THANK YOU for shining the spotlight back on "FNL", which, I'm convinced, is absolutely one of the finest dramas ever on broadcast TV. It's practically criminal that MILLIONS of more people don't watch it, and knows the intense pleasures of this fantastic show.