Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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  • Love Hangover: So great to see the original diva Miss Diana Ross (aka The Boss) looking sober fit and sounding wonderful at the U.S. Open stadium-renamaing ceremonies in New York. Don't forget to check out her sensational "lost" album of standards from the "Lady Sings the Blues" period, "Blue." (Amazon)

  • Mrs. Doubtfire: John Mark Karr wants to set the record straight on a few things. He still thinks he killed JonBenet Ramsey. He wants Johnny Depp to play him in the movie. He's not gay (he likes young girls, silly!). And when he gets his sex change completed he wants to move to Europe and work as a pedophile lesbian nanny. (IrishExaminer)

  • Made in the USA: Adult obesity rates increased in 31 states during the past year, leaving an estimated two-thirds of Americans vulnerable to fatal diseases such as diabetes, stroke and cancer. The fattest state is Mississippi (everyone knows the South is the "thyroid problem" capital of America) and the thinnest is Colorado. (HealthDay)

  • Just Can't Get Enough? Following in the mold of last year's sensational "Speak & Spell" reissue, Rhino Records' Depeche Mode reissue series will continue October 3 with 1982's "A Broken Flame," the 1984 breakthrough "Some Great Reward" and 1993's "Songs of Faith and Devotion," the band's lone Billboard 200 chart-topper. Each album includes a remastered CD edition plus a DVD with high-resolution audio mixes, bonus tracks and period-specific documentaries. (Billboard)

  • Where's C. Thomas Howell? The original "Soul Man" himself Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave fame) was celebrating the release of his new CD in the same Chelsea restaurant Michael and I had dinner at last night. He looked great and his new music -- a collection of duets with the likes of Sting, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi -- sounded even better. (Amazon)

  • No Happy Ending: Rapper Foxy Brown pleaded guilty on Monday to misdemeanor assault charges stemming from a fight with salon workers in a Chelsea Bloomie Nails location over a manicure. The plea deal, which spares her jail time, requires her to serve three years probation and take anger management classes. Not a minute too soon apparently: moments after the deal was struck Foxy went ballistic and tried to withdraw it. The judge denied her request. (AP)

  • Tunnel Vision: I don't know why anyone believed those tabloid rumors about Bruce Springsteen's marriage being on the rocks. Everyone knows he'd put an album out about it if it really were. (AP)

  • Come Again? The disclosure of who really leaked Valerie Plame's identity to Robert Novak is about as exhilarating as finding out who Deep Throat was. Who was it, again? (NYT)

  • Charmed, I'm Sure: Actress Alyssa Milano signed a deal with Major League Baseball to promote a new line of athletic apparel for young women. Apparently she did her research in recent years by fucking Barry Zito, Carl Pavano and Brad Penny -- or was it when she was screwing Wayne McBean back in '91 that the inspiration came to her? (Bricks&Stones)
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    1. Why, C. Thomas has been busy, busy, busy I tell you! While this CD is news to me (he can SING?)...the past couple of years have seen him make two unseen, already forgotten remakes for the small screen (which had the misfortune of being overshawdowed by remakes of the same movies for the big screen): "The War of the Worlds" and "The Poseidon Adventure." (He was reunited with "Hitcher" co-star Rutger Hauer for the later.)


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