Thursday, February 23, 2006

Page 1 Consider (02/23)

  • Hingis Rolls On: Martina Hingis dispatched of former French Open champion Anastasia Myskina, 6-4,6-3, to set up a quarterfinal showdown with Maria Sharapova, whom Hingis crushed recently in Tokyo. It's just beautiful to watch. (AP)

  • Truly Pathetic: What is up with Donald Trump's ripping on Martha Stewart 24 hours a day over supposed plans for "The Apprentice"? Trumps says Stewart is "so pathetic" to think that they would ever replace him -- "who has the No. 1 show in the country" -- with her. Donald: the only thing really pathetic here is your parsing of words to call "The Apprentice" the No. 1 show ever. No. 1 reality show in a certain demographic during one summer hardly does a No. 1 show make. Ever heard of "CSI"? (Newsweek)

  • Fat Free Zone: Finally, some good health news for the gay community: Gay men face high bulimia risk (PinkNews)

  • You've Come a Long Way, Tranny: MSNBC has a nice profile on a transsexual cyclist from Canada who is hoping to compete in the 2008 Olympics. The article also discusses a number of other trans athletes, dating back to a woman named Dora who placed fourth in the high jump of the 1936 Olympic Games -- only to be barred from competition two years later when officials learned she was born Hermann Ratchet. (MSNBC)
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