Wednesday, June 07, 2017

ABC News Adds Out Foreign Correspondent James Longman

Just last week I linked to a story about the challenges James Longman faces as an openly gay BBC reporter in the Middle East. Now comes news that he will join the ABC News team as a foreign correspondent, starting Monday. The hunky reporter joins ABC News’s London bureau after spending five years reporting for the BBC from Beirut. He’s fluent in Arabic, French and English and I'm guessing the language of love.


  1. Hmmn...perhaps a new friend for David Muir? Or competition?

  2. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Longman? Let's hope so.

  3. Demure One1:12 PM

    David Muir is living with his boyfriend. You can see them wearing each other's clothes. One day David will wear the suit, jacket, shirt, tie, etc, then another day, you can see his "housemate" wear the same suit, jacket, etc. They are similar height and build so they can even wear each other's pants. They hang out together with their gay friends.

  4. Demure One2:25 AM

    Just realized that that is why David Muir's pants are always long and scrunches at the bottom! His lover is taller than him by couple of inches. His lover is about about 6.05, not quite 6.1 and David Muir is 5.11. They must get suits tailored together so that both can wear them. David Muir's fans have commented numerous times to fix his pants lengths. But he never does. Now we know why. He does it on purpose so that his lover can wear them too. After all, those suits are expensive. His fans have also commented on his IG that someone tall is taking his sexy pics he posts because David's eyes are looking up or the camera angle is looking down. It's this 6 footer lover!! I'm not a fan of his lover. But it looks like they've been together a while. I get the impression that his lover is too focused on money. He is in luxury, ultra high-end sales. He schmoozes people loaded with money. He makes the rounds in those posh lux parties to get connections. People in those circles know that he is David's lover. I don't like it much. But as long as David does.
    Btw, I know this post is for James Longman. But someone mentioned him for David Muir, so I had to interject here that David Muir is living with his lover. But James Longman is one bright chap! I think he'll do well. TJ Holmes (not gay) should make the sexy journalist list. He actually would make a good anchor too, if he wants to be an anchor. Muir has busted his back to get ABC most viewed news. Good job, David! But I think ratings would go through the roof with TJ Holmes.