Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hold My Ass Now

Contact Music reports that Alannah Currie -- formerly of the '80s Brit synth-pop trio the Thompson Twins -- has been commissioned to design a club chair for Blondie singer Debbie Harry's New York City apartment.

Contact says that since the Thompson Twins broke up the early 1990s, Curry "has become an in-demand furniture artist, known as Miss Pokeno, and she is currently renovating an art space in London with her husband Jimmy Cauty, who was once a member of chart-topping band the Klf."

Hadn't caught wind of this latest career change (when I last I heard she was doing something in New Zealand). But let's hope the chair is a bigger hit than the last time she created something for Deb -- the single "I Want That Man," which failed to make Billboard's Hot 100 back in 1989. Love 'em both -- fun to hear they're still in touch.

UPDATE: A friend who works in PR writes to tell me that the Thompson Twins -- well, Tom Bailey and Alannah -- have just signed to 401K Music:

"I was very keen to work with Tom & Alannah as I think their songwriting was, and is, incredible. You see a Thompson Twins song title and you immediately can sing it -- the songs are that memorable. I would love to help introduce their music to a whole new generation of music fans and build value in their catalog." enthuses Veronica Gretton, 401K's founder.


  1. Anthony12:07 PM

    And this is relevant because...?

  2. @Anthony: Because I'm a HUGE fan and this blog is about things I like!

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I thought she was married to Tom Bailey and they had some group based out of her homeland of New Zealand. Course that was a decade ago. But 'I Want That Man' was a pretty big hit in the UK in 1989 - #15 or some such thing.

  4. Her stuff is actually quite amazing.

  5. Yeah, here here. I love reading anything about these chicks. I was just reading about Alannah's career switch, and I bet it will be cool. Check out some of her stuff. I would rather see pictures of Tom Bailey, but oh well...

  6. They are both remarried now and live in London. The band was Babble. Loved "Ether" and "The Stone". Awesome stuff. Get it if you can. Tom was doing music under the moniker of International Observer.

  7. @Guys -- except Anthony: I just updated the post. Found out Thompson Twins were just signed to 401K Music for a comeback!