Friday, June 30, 2006

'Chicken or Beef?'

John Lennon Martina Navratilova hangs out with the other Chrissie.

Siouxie Sioux is still a babe.

What the fuck happened to Pamela Anderson's face? (And when did she turn into one of the Spice Girls -- what was she called? Haggy Spice?

Lene Lovitch emerges from god-knows-where to party with Chrissie Hynde.

Gillian Anderson has morphed into my Aunt Dianne, only not as hot.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) patted its celebrity spokespeople on the back with a first-ever humanitarian award event, held at Stella McCartney's Mayfair boutique in London. As you can see, the organization brings out a rather odd group of "activists."

Day of Upsets

It was a bad day for (212) favorites at Wimbledon today. David Nalbandian, Tommy Haas, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Martina Hingis all got knocked out. (At least Haas lost to the "next big thing" Tomas Berdych.)

In better news, Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal advanced setting up an interesting third-round encounter. And Andy Roddick also advanced, despite a tumble that provided this rather enjoyable photograph.

Morning Wood: James Marsden

James Marsden heats up the new issue of Men's Fitness. He sure looks fit, but according to the sexy "Superman Returns" co-star, sports weren't a big part of his youth:

"I was a loner, but without the cool, James Dean part of it. Girls didn't even notice me. I tried sports, but it was Oklahoma, and all the other guys were corn-fed boy -- giants."

Blood Hounds of Broadway

Last night Michael and I saw "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre. Without giving too much away, I have to tell you that it's unlike any production of any kind I've ever seen before. Written by acclaimed Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, it's the story of a ruthless Irish Liberation Army enforcer who goes ballistic when he finds out his best friend in the world -- his black cat named Wee Thomas -- has been hurt (I wonder how I related to this character!).

The play is extremely violent and bloody, but all the while handled with a wickedly funny sensibility that is decidedly Irish. And what a cast! Five Tony nominations, including three actors, best play and best director.

This show is not for everyone, but if you're feeling adventurous and are in the mood for some sharp tongues and a few equally sharp knives, you won't want to miss it.

Visit the official site here.
(Thanks to Susanne for taking great care of us!)

Olivia Newton-John Is 'Totally Hot'

Olivia Newton-John's brilliant single "Deeper Than the Night" from her classic album "Totally Hot," her first post-"Grease" outing (and her best ever). Some of the footage is from the "Totally Hot" album cover photo shoot.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

CK's No. One

Jamie Dornan of Ireland is the new face of Calvin Klein. I'll bet the body didn't hurt, either.

Crime of Fashion

The Associated Press is reporting that critics didn't like Bethanie Mattek's retro Daisy Dukes and knee-high tube socks she wore in her first round match at Wimbledon against Venus Williams. What I didn't like is that she's one of only a handful of younger Americans in the draw and she barely won a game. The final score? 6-1, 6-0 -- and she was lucky to get the 0.

(Via AP)

Morning Wood: Juliano Lopes

Sexy Juliano Lopes sure seems to know how to handle a pool stick and balls.
  • Via Terra: The Boy
  • Page 1 Consider (06/29)

  • Oh, and She Sings: Five female pop stars -- Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson and Jewel -- are looking to reclaim their place in the world of music with new albums this month, but I'd argue that at least four of them are really more famous for being famous than for being singers anymore. (NYT)

  • Pounding His Gavel: You mean judges aren't supposed to masturbate while sitting on the bench? (AP)

  • Lawn Chair-man: Roger Federer made Tim Henman look like a club player in round 2. (AP)

  • Do You Believe in Magic? DUI cutie J.J. Redick, a near-lock top-10 pick in most mock drafts, slipped to No. 11 as the Orlando Magic selected him Wednesday night in the NBA draft at Madison Square Garden. (Orlando Sentinel)

  • Break Point: Anyone else as creeped out by this whole Woody Allen-Scarlet Johansson thing as I am? (NY mag)

  • Greatest Hits: Bin Laden to issue al-Zarqawi tribute tape. I wonder if it will include a blooper reel and deleted scenes. (AP)
  • 'Half' Right

    A.O. Scott's review of the "Strangers With Candy" movie sounds about right (devotees of the series, admirers of Ms. Sedaris and fake-news junkies who can never get enough of Mr. Colbert will find reasons to see it and to convince themselves that it is funnier and more satisfying than it really is.).

    But his inadvertently calling Derrick Blank Jerri's "stepbrother" rather than her "half brother" touched a nerve with me. People who have one parent in common are half siblings. People whose parents remarry people who already have children inherit a stepparent and stepsiblings. One is blood, one is not. (I can't quite explain my boyfriend's calling my stepfather my "father-in-law.")

    I remember editing a story for a major news organization about Gen. Wesley Clark during the 2004 presidential campaign and the reporter was working the angle about how similar the backgrounds were between Clark and Bill Clinton, including both being "only children." When I reminded the news editor of Roger Clinton, he actually tried to blow me off and say that that didn't really count(!) ... Take it from me: I have a (half) sister and I can assure you, she counts.

  • Read: In 'Strangers With Candy,' Amy Sedaris's Jerri Blank Is Streetwise and Starting Over (
  • NYT)

    Jimbo for Roddick?

    Much to my surprise, Andy Roddick actually won his first-round match at Wimbledon yesterday, but we all know how successful his partnership with his big brother turned coach, John, has been. Now comes (the rather intriguing) word that Andy has been in contact with someone else who knows a thing or two about tennis, Jimmy Connors.

    "We've talked on the phone a couple of times," Roddick told reporters at Wimbledon after his hard-earned first round victory over Janko Tipsarevic. "Nothing's going to happen here but we're both intrigued by the prospect of working together. We've bounced the idea off of each other. It's positive. But there are a lot of details that go into it."

    When Paul Gilbert started coaching Roddick the first thing he told him was to lose the visor. Something tells me that the first thing Jimmy Connors will do is tell Andy to grow some bangs ...


    David Wright Fuels Up

    Have you seen Mets slugger David Wright's new ads for Vitamin Water? It looks like he's seen 'em and likes what he sees ...

    A More Dangeous World -- For Americans

    Bob Herbert's op-ed in today's Times is definitely word a read. He examines how the U.S. is doing in "war on terror" (hint: it's not good). Pick up The Times for the full thing, but here are some highlights:

    After all the sound and fury of the past few years, how is the U.S. doing in its fight against terrorism? Not too well, according to a recent survey of more than 100 highly respected foreign policy and national security experts. The survey, dubbed the “Terrorism Index,” was conducted by the Center for American Progress and Foreign Policy magazine. The respondents included Republicans and Democrats, moderates, liberals and conservatives. The survey’s findings were striking. A strong, bipartisan consensus emerged on two crucial points: 84 percent of the respondents said the United States was not winning the war on terror, and 86 percent said the world was becoming more --not less -- dangerous for Americans.

    The sound and fury since Sept. 11, 2001 — the chest-thumping and muscle-flexing, the freedom fries, the Patriot Act, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the breathtaking expansion of presidential power, Guantanamo, rendition, the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars --seems to have signified very little.

    “The experts also said that recent reforms of the national security apparatus have done little to make Americans safer. Asked about recent efforts to reform America’s intelligence community, for instance, more than half of the index’s experts said that creating the office of the director of national intelligence has had no positive impact in the war against terror.”

  • The Wreckage in the China Shop (via TimesSelect)
  • Robby Ginepri Ousted

    As predicted earlier this week, Robby Ginepri went down with little fight in the first round at Wimbledon on Wednesday, losing to fellow American Mardy Fish in straight sets. What's eating Robby Ginepri remains a mystery.
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  • Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    Brandon Routh: Spirit of '78

    Unless you've been sleeping under a rock then you know that "Superman Returns" flies into theaters today, giving Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert's "Strangers With Candy" a real run for its money at the box office.

    What I didn't know was hunky new Man of Steel Brandon Routh was immortalized yesterday at Madame Tussaud’s House of Wax here in New York -- which happens to be around the corner from where I work (thanks for the call, Clark Kent).

    I'm sure we're going to be learning everything and more about the new super guy in the coming weeks and years, but I already know that this guy evokes Christopher Reeve so strongly that I almost feel like a little kid in '78 swooning over my first man in tights. I've read that Dana Reeve sent Brandon a letter noting the unbelievable similarities shortly before her death, and you can't help but think that she and Christopher are watching the excitement for this character build all over from a big multiplex in the sky.

    Queerty has a bunch more pictures over here.

  • Super Bulge
  • Superman 8.0
  • Size Queens of the World Unite
  • Madonna's Hand Signals

    (click to enlarge)

    We were just talking about good plastic surgery vs. bad at work yesterday and my co-worker Lynn pointed out that no matter how much money you had or how good your surgeon was, there's nothing you can do about your hands.

    Morning Wood: Lucas Black

    Lucas Black caught my eye recently in the "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" trailer, but a quick look at his IMDB page and his screen credits are long and impressive, including "Sling Blade," "Cold Mountain," "Friday Night Lights" and "Jarhead."