Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DVR-riffic: 'No Strings'

This month's episode of "No Strings" on The Tennis Channel features dreamboat Robby Ginepri. I've made a big point of saying how little personality he seems to have, but his "real-time performance" before a camera crew reveals he's a lot more fun than his courtside interviews have. For starters, he loves Apple Jacks (that, alone, makes us a perfect couple: we would never fight over what kind of cereal to buy). Secondly, he's an undefeated ping-pong player -- something I'd be happy to change for him. It's really cute how he reacts when this female photog runs him around on the practice court, too. (Oh, and wait till you hear how he pronounces chimichanga.) The show reaches its, uh, climax when some queen photographer decides it would be a good idea for Robby to pose in nothing but a white towel in Robby's racquet club sauna (why is Robby never parading around like this at New York Sports Club?) The Malcontent has just delivered this freshly added photo of the sauna incident -- along with glorious MalcoVision footage -- so now you can see firsthand what all the hoopla was about (woof! woof!)

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