Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stein-Wood: Simon Baker

Over the weekend my co-worker Laura saw the trailer for "Something New" (opening Feb. 3) and suggested this hunky Australian for this morning's wood. Laura's a designer -- and clearly has an eye for the aesthetically pleasing. Thanks, Laura!
(He kinda has a Hugh Jackman's blond brother thing going on, no?)

The dirt: A handsome, blondish Australian actor, Simon Baker became a star in his native land on soap operas before breaking into US films as the doomed gay actor Matt Reynolds in the acclaimed modern noir "L.A. Confidential" (1997). As a teen, Baker had been a competitive surfer and water polo player, but he eventually drifted before the cameras with appearances in music videos.
Next up is "Something New," in which Baker's character complicates romantic matters for Sanaa Lathan, who meets him while pursuing her Ideal Black Man.

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    1. you are too funny! I love it!!

    2. Anonymous9:34 PM

      this guy really reminds me of scott speedman from Felicity,, woof woof


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