Thursday, May 02, 2024

On the Rag, Vol. 806


Zac, Zac: From the Outback to New York; "That Michigan Guy" just created your perfect summer itinerary; Jason Hackett’s “Sunrise” in the Twin Cities; and more in this week's magazine roundup BELOW.

(Photo by Greg Endries


Filmmaker Brian Sloan shared this: #TBT Going for a ride in a red convertible for the cover of Metro Weekly magazine circa 1998 for the theatrical release of "I THINK I DO." We shot this on the same day as a shoot for what would become the DVD/VHS cover of the film in LA, while we were in town for the opening night gala screening of the movie for Outfest. The new 4K restoration of the film was made possible by the festival's Legacy Project, which safely stores film elements at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences archive at UCLA. You can now stream it on Prime Video & Apple TV 😍 

(Check back for updates as more covers are released.)

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