Monday, April 29, 2024

Remains of the Day (04/29)

Mindfood: This might be for hardcore Olivia Newton-John fans only, but apparently her sister, Rona Newton-John, had a pretty juicy memoir set for release before dying in 2013 -- and now one of Rona's sons, Emerson, has granted a lengthy interview about his mother and famous aunt that is at times difficult to read. 

ICYMI: Just discovered performance footage and an interview with Die Monster Die, which fans of the '80s synth band the Vels ("Look My Way") will recognize as singer Alice Cohen's 1990s grunge band, alongside Evan Player, Kenny Sanders and Shawn Tracy

Reuters: Although I guess we're supposed to be "happy" that punishment by death was taken off the table, makes me sick to think of all of the Americans -- let alone LGBT servicemembers -- who died in Iraq. Funny how those #QueersForPalestine are strangely silent about this, which is not the least bit unusual in the Muslim world.

Hot Cat of the Day: Living the (deserved) dream

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