Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tennis Tuesday: Jake Lacy


I'll give you one guess if "Apples Never Fall" -- a sudsy true-crime-inspired miniseries on Peacock about a dysfunctional tennis family starring Annette "I should already have an Oscar" Bening and Jake "the hot guy from 'White Lotus' who couldn't let anything go" Lacy -- is my favorite show of the year. See the latter's manspread moment BELOW.


Anyone recognize this racket-cum-clock?

Looks like a Wilson Billie Jean King Autograph to me, which a young Chrissie Evert also used before getting her own signature instrument. 

And I spy in Amy's room the same Martina Navratilova POSTER I had in the late 1970s! 

Also be on the lookout for dreamy Giles Matthey as Harry Haddad

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