Friday, February 09, 2024

Remains of the Day (02/09)

Dennis, Anyone?Catching up with playwright and director Luke Yankee ("Marilyn, Mom & Me"; "My Mother Was Famous for Going 'Fire, Ready, Aim'!")

MetroWeekly: Anyone else rubbed the wrong way by a recent Trevor Project survey that found 1 in 3 LGBT youth believe they will not live past the age of 35(!)? While denying someone else their feelings is obviously suspect, do these respondents have any idea what it was like to literally (actual definition of the word) worry that each sexual encounter would lead to one's demise, having watched friends and peers drop like flies? What it was like to live in constant fear of being "found out about" by one's own family? Or to be relentlessly picked on at school? (I was bullied by one of my own junior-high teachers, for crying out loud.) OK, let's shift gears: Have they ever picked up a book? I'd like to think the one positive of the AIDS crisis and all the discrimination my generation and the ones before me faced is that younger people have it easier, so to hear that they don't even seem to realize this is as disheartening as it is galling. 

Saturday 'Stache: I'll show you my shuttlecock if you show me yours

T MagazineIf you're wondering how Calista Flockhart is doing as Lee Radziwill in "Feud: Capote vs. The Swans" (Sidenote: How unnecessary was that fauxumentary about the famed B&W ball?) 


When you aspire to be ... Chet Hanks 


  1. Young people in general seemed to be very ignorant of recent history and gay youth seem to be worse -I blame this on Tik Tok- I was teenager when the AIDs crisis started and I'm still here- was there a better sense of gay history in the 1980's?

  2. I'm shocked about Village Cigars. That was one of the most recognizable corners in NYC.


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