Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Remains of the Day (02/07)


Congratulations to the Go-Go's on their induction into the Golden State’s Hall of Fame. Says bassist Kathy Valentine: “If California [were] music it would sound like the Go-Go’s" Watch HERE

Watch the gals perform HERE.


  1. All of Us Strangers was such a great film. I wish we had more solid answers about what was happening or happened, but still a brilliant piece of work. This is exactly how I wish all films could be. And the music was also great. Love that they had The Housemartins song Build featured.

  2. @AB: Yeah, it was incredible.

    My understanding is the entire relationship with Harry was imaginary, other than meeting him for a minute when Harry shows up drunk at his door. (If you notice in the nightclub mirror, Adam is actually there by himself.) I'm not even sure he found Harry dead later -- that seems like more of the story he'd written in his mind, though it doesn't really matter. What is real and does matter is his deep regret for not having let him "in."


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