Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday 'Stache


Damian: Does this count as a 'stache or is there too much scruff?
Me: I didn’t see above the hooters
And scene.


  1. Who's she kidding with those things? Looks like he's about to try and breastfeed some gym bunnies muscle milk like one of those shoot the clown's mouth with a water pistol games.

  2. It's still a 'stashe - the sides have that "I ran out of time" look. And as for the amazing chest - well, he won't fail the pencil test. Yet. Could get ugly in a decade or two.

  3. Guys overworking portions of their bodies at the gym---I have a guy at my gym with the same issue--Skinny as hell but on his chest, you can place a set of Encyclopedia Britannica-look it up-on them----

  4. He is @creeohdee insta and tiktok


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