Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Wrestle Wednesday

This is the gay trainer with whom German tennis hunk Tommy Haas has been working. Get even greener with envy BELOW.

I'm not exactly sure what he does in these getups, but suffice to say I approve.

He writes: @teamusa @olympics has been a source of inspiration my entire life. To stay motivated, dream big, work hard, go for your goals, and strive for greatness. Whenever I’m feeling down and need this reminder, I always put on some type of team USA Olympic gear to remind myself this and to find my inner super hero.

I went for a swim today. My speedo has a 🌈 on it, which makes me happy. It’s beautiful outside. Mabel 🐶 and I are off to take a long walk. Shit right now is tough. Do your best to focus on the positive ❤️

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