Thursday, December 30, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (12/30)

Hot Kitten of the Day: I would have ADOPTED this cutie pie myself -- he looks just like my LARRY -- if Harvey weren't so anti-cat!


  1. re: NCAA swimmer: CLEARLY Hormone replacement isn't working... she still has the shoulders/build/frame/muscles of a man. If we kicked women out of the sport for taking male growth hormones- I don't see how we allow one who went through puberty with them and has the body/advantage they have. Anti trans? Everything seems to be these days- how about anti woman?

  2. the link to teacher story- SF Chronicle comes up, but you have to log in/be a member to keep reading.

  3. @demc7: Yeah. Because I work for a news organization that's behind a paywall, I like to also promote others. Good journalism isn't always free! xo


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