Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (12/28)


The Daily News: Christmas shooting of wealthy Long Island couple by son just the latest drama for family with corruption ties

AFP: ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ director dies at 58

The SunRyan Phillippe’s fans are convinced actor has quietly ‘come out as gay’ in at-home photo as friend responds to rumors

The WoW Report: Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud dies at 101

Boy CultureThe best butts of 2021

New York Post: Rick Astley was really confused the first time he got ‘Rickrolled’

76 CrimesNew project aims to document Pride flags all over the world

Socialite Life: Jamie Dornan takes a dip

NewNowNext15 defining queer pop culture moments of 2021

Dekko: New film explores what happens when a high-school water polo player is the subject of a gay rumor

Botox shot or Covid boost? The combo causes some seasonal wrinkles

Hot Cat of the Day: Might need to get one -- Harvey's a laptop user too!


  1. People are really dumb I mean just because you take a photo with a guy does not mean you are gay

  2. Ryan and "boyfriend's" GFs look like drag queens.

  3. @Jack- they look more like rent-a-model but the two guys look more like bros than boyfriends - but hey who knows what happens when they turn off the lights ; )


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