Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Remains of the Day (03/28)

Just Jared: Charlie Hunnam hits the beach

The Randy Report: A judge just ruled a lawsuit accusing Trump of violating the Constitution can go forward

Towleroad: Man had girlfriend rape 11-year-old autistic son he thought might be gay

The Daily News: New organ discovered in human body may explain spread of cancer

Dlisted: The cast of "Dawson's Creek" 20 years later

HuffPost Queer Voices: Yet another transgender woman has been murdered

Greg Scarnici: We caught Levonia Jenkins in NYC last month and nearly choked on our wine. Now she's bringing her "Gender Fluids" to San Francisco and Los Angeles -- with a follow-up in NYC in the fall -- that you don't want to miss

The Washington Post: Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio looks completely ethical compared with this

Dallas Morning News: Texas teacher suspended for discussing her sexual orientation with students, officials say

The New York Times: Lindy West is spot-on in so many ways about people complaining about "political correctness," I just wish she didn't invoke Cailyn Jenner, who does not represent the trans experience in any meaningful way -- and has actually been worse for the trans community than every bad "tranny joke" ever told

Tennis Life: Conchita Martinez out of Team Garbiñe

Outsports: Hunky college soccer player came out as gay at Christian college and it was no big deal

Deadline: "The Handmaid’s Tale" Season 2 trailer brings fight for freedom on Emmy-winning Hulu drama

Metrosource: Could a gay sitcom called "Silver Foxes" be the new "Golden Girls"?

Boy Culture: Gus Kenworthy's ass is the gif that keep giving

Talking Points Memo: Senior Democrats are demanding that Congress’s investigative arm probe whether Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s mass reassignment of senior career civil servants last summer violated federal anti-discrimination laws

OMG Blog: "X Factor" contestant Casey Johnson exposes off his johnson

Daily Intelligencer: So far Cynthia Nixon's campaign is off to a bad start for riding on the "unqualified lesbian" stupidity and trying to say Cuomo is "the same" as Trump -- you mean Crazy Donald got tough gun laws and marriage quality on the books? It's not like insisting the Dem is "just as bad" as the Republican could turn out badly -- oh, wait ... 

Baseline: Is Judy Murray a gay man trapped in a tennis mom's body?

Daily Kos: Trump proposal set on punishing immigrants and their kids

Greg in Hollywood: As Sonny and Leo have their first date, Will and Paul have second date then make love on "Days of Our Lives"

The Center: Anna Wintour to receive visionary award and Ricky Martin -- who came out in 2010(!) -- to receive trailblazer award from NYC's LGBT Community Center

Hot Cat of the Day: Must have peanut-butter toast!

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  1. Who in the right mind is going to voted for Nixon? She is just another unqualified celebrity who has no experience in governing anything. I doubt her progressive schtick is going to play in upstate NY


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