Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hunks of 'House Hunters'

OK, guys. Sorry to disappoint you this week. But all I can do is gush about Pittsburgh newlyweds Chaten and Maria, whose quest for a new home -- he wants modern, she wants historical -- is that they are ridiculously adorable. 

Chaten -- OK, I suppose I could say something about that name! -- has a body to die for, and a collection of tight V-neck T-shirts to show it off. (God bless him.)

They're so cute they even skate together ...

I love a woman who doesn't like "industrial" residences, saying she isn't interested in "living in a parking garage."

And Chaten has the sexiest voice -- which is even hotter when he speaks with his hands on his hips ... which is pretty much his go-to position ...

And did I mention his ass?

He fills out a pair of meshy gym shorts nicely, too ...

Mesh for fantasy ...


 And did I mention their tabby? 

Picture perfect!

 I guess my only question is -- can I move in?

Watch the full episode now HERE.

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