Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Where We Belong' (demo) by Fleetwood Mac

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As if I didn't already feel old enough, a 30th anniversary edition of "Tango in the Night" is coming out later this month. The deluxe edition of the album, which probably ranks last on my list of the classic line-up's albums yet was their second-biggest seller, will be available in a 3CD/DVD/LP edition featuring newly remastered sound, unreleased recordings, rare tracks, music videos and more, including this Lindsey Buckingham demo that didn't make the final cut..


This early, more subdued version of "Seven Wonders" is worth a listen.

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  1. 'Tango' - most (not all) of the songs work individually. As a full listen, it loses me. I've heard "Where We Belong" and it was right to leave it off the disk - at least in the demo state in which it was presented. "Seven Wonders" is ok, though Nicks Beyonce's it 20 years before Beyonce - she changes one word and takes songwriting credit. She also has the worst song on the disk (and of her career) with "Welcome to the Room...Sara". McVie is the star of this disk.

    But yes, 30 years. I remember buying it before heading my 2nd shift job and able to read the liner notes, but not play the disk.


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