Friday, November 27, 2015

Song of the Day: 'Wildflowers' by Trio

Am ashamed to admit I never followed through on the Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris project, even after liking what I heard back in the day -- and didn't get it during my more recent Linda tear, either. I know what I'm doing tonight.


  1. I'm not sure they do better than when they recorded "High Sierra" with Linda taking lead. Though I do love their version of "After the Gold Rush"

  2. "Wildflowers" is one of my favorite songs with "Trio" being one of my favorite albums. Linda's voice was magical. I'm lucky to have all her work on vinyl. I would be happy to burn some sounds for you. She does have several excellent compilations, one released this fall. Must listens: "what's new," hasten down the wind, "Lush Life, "Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like The Wind" "Feels Like Home (which is the blueprint to "Trio 2") "Winter Light". Sadly, Linda is no longer able to sing due to Parkinson's Disease. Oh, and try to get into her Mexican music by listening to "Canciones di mi Padre"

  3. great album - enjoy.

    get ready for The Complete Trio Sessions, reissue of T1, T2 plus outtakes / unreleased tracks - due from Rhino next year!

  4. Would for Dolly5:47 PM

    One of my GREAT favorites, with all superstar singers I love, and written by Dolly, whom I was lucky enough to meet. When I play it for someone and he does not get the point, I learn something about him. Dolly's vocals describe the lives of many Gay men and the folks we must leave behind...I'm a little surprised you let the song slip your mind for awhile, Ken, because it might describe you, along with so many of us "The hills were alive with wildflowers And I was as wild, even wilder than they For at least I could run, they just died in the sun And I refused to just wither in place Just a wild mountain rose, needing freedom to grow So I ran fearing not where I'd go When a flower grows wild, it can always survive Wildflowers don't care where they grow And the flowers I knew in the fields where I grew Were content to be lost in the crowd They were common and close, I had no room for growth I wanted so much to branch out I uprooted myself from home ground and left Took my dreams and on


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