Monday, November 30, 2015

From Hero to Zero

Sad to read that Officer Chris Kohrs -- aka Hot Cop of the Castro -- has been arrested for hit-and-run.

Bosom Buddies

Is curiously bi Sarah Paulson dating THIS sitcom legend?

Joe Jonas Rents $2.9 Million West Hollywood Home After Breakup With Yucky Girl

See inside his confirmed-bachelor pad HERE. (When that one's not in West Hollywood she's IN CHELSEA!)

Split: The singer and model Gigi Hadid called off their relationship earlier this month, and she has since been spotted with former One Direction star Zayn Malik

Service With a Smile

We all have heard the horror stories of being gay in the military -- before and after Don't Ask, Don't Tell. But if "Private Benjamin" taught us anything, it's that a fish-out-of-water story can be funny, as Greg Cope White's "The Pink Marine: One Boy's Journey Through Boot Camp to Manhood" makes abundantly clear.

 He writes:
My book is a humorous look at a serious time. It's about my stint as a gay teenager in pre-DADT Maine Corps. Trust me, I shouldn't have been in there, but the military turned out to be an incredible gift for me. Kirkus pointed out that I give a "surprisingly reverent view of the Marine Corps and military service." My publisher bought the book because it was the first memoir that put military service by a gay man in a positive light. I lied and cheated to get in the Marines; technically I was a terrible employee. But they were wonderful to me. That's sadly not everyone's story, but it's mine.
Order HERE.

When Greg Cope White's best friend tells him he is spending his summer in Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina, all Greg hears is "summer" and "camp." Despite dire warnings from his friend, Greg vows to join him in recruit training. He is eighteen, underweight, he's never run a mile-and he is gay. It's 1979-long before Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, and with no LGBT rights in place in most states, and the Marines having a very definite expulsion policy in place for gay people when it comes to military personnel, will Greg even survive? The Pink Marine is the story-full of hilarity and heartbreak-of how a teenage boy who struggles with self-acceptance and his sexuality and doesn't fit the traditional definition of manliness-finds acceptance and self-worth in Marine Corps boot camp. Greg's sheltered life has not prepared him for military service. At first he struggles to keep up, and afraid his secret will be discovered. But midway through, the desire to survive and become a Marine trumps fear. He learns that everyone comes into the service feeling "different"; possibly prejudged for the color of their skin, their weight, their poverty-some have even chosen boot camp over jail. In this land before Gay Pride became almost a national holiday, can a flighty, 112-pound, effeminate Texan transform into one of the few, the proud, the Marines?

Time for Ben Cohen to Embraces Bear Status

The rugby union hunk passed on a 2016 calendar because of his weight gain, but the gay community is in agreement that he's still SUPER HOT!

The New Tommy Haas Model

It seems Tommy Haas has already figured out his post-tennis career -- as the new face and bod of the Lanai Collection. He previously MODELED UNDERWEAR in 2006.

Fun Couples: Cyndi Lauper and Debbie Harry -- UPDATE

These two New Yorkers must know each other -- I recall Deb was all but booed off the stage by performing only solo material for Cyn's True Colors tour years ago -- yet I'm not sure I've ever seen them together until this photo from "The Curse of Blondie." Love it!

UPDATE: Just got this fun email, which includes photos that could not be more timely!
Love your website. Stumbled upon it earlier in the year as a Deborah Harry fan. Love it so much I even bought your book and I loved that too. Hilarious!\ Saw the pic you posted of Debbie & Cyndi today and thought I’d share a few older pics of them together from the 1990s. I think they are friends. When I met Cyndi in 2002 I was wearing some Blondie buttons on my jacket which prompted Cyndi to go on and on about how much she loved Debbie. A friend of mine said Cyndi was being interviewed on a TV show a few years back and the host asked Cyndi if she liked Joan Jett or Deborah Harry better and Cyndi told him they were both her friends. Take care and enjoy!

 From an abortion rally in Washington DC (circa 1992 I believe)

And LEARS magazine 1993.

On the Rag, Vol. 383

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Next: Kylie Minogue unwraps 'Kylie Christmas', an album as hot as her Australian homeland / Read HERE.

Guy (Ft. Lauderdale): Sean Rhou makes a splash at the White Party / Online edition HERE.

Get Out!: Meet Honey Davenport HERE.

Metro Weekly (D.C.): Desert Migration's Daniel Cardone on PrEP, coming out positive, and taking life with HIV one day at a time / Read HERE.

Frontiers (L.A.): The 2015 gift guide is HERE.

Lavender (Twin Cities): The holiday gift guide is out now / Online edition HERE.

QX (London): Ku just turned 20 and to celebrate the team have launched their all new Ku 20 campaign, complete with new uniforms for the boys behind the bar. QX caught up with promoter Nieko and owner Gary to find out more. Read HERE.

Monday Ad Watch

Circa 1985. (Cutie probably died of lung cancer years ago.)

Mag Men

I don't know, but I'd sure like to!

Is this the final Details?


  Chris Pratt looks hot at any weight.

Devilish Grin

A reader sent me these saying he thought Jersey Devils player Adam Henrique would be my type...he was right!

Song of the Day: 'Out in the Streets' by Blondie

When my away-at-college brother first brought home this Blondie demos 45 -- with the early "Heart of Glass" b/w "Platinum Blonde" and "Out in the Streets," I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. More than 30 years later, I had a similar feeling with the Shangri-Las cover came on at the Grey Dog, my weekend lunch spot!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Britain Wins Davis Cup for First Time Since 1936

Andy Murray follows in the footsteps of his Big 4 -- or 5 -- peers and brings the lauded trophy home.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Family Portrait

Had a nice time with my family in Arizona. Mom and Gary are both on the mend, even if the occasional setback -- basal cell carcinoma, kidney stones, etc. -- makes it feel like watching paint dry. They're looking ahead, though, asking my brother Terence and me if we'd like to travel to Ireland with them when they are well enough. (I sure do!) And on another hopeful note, be on the lookout for my 9-year-old niece's work at Sotheby's soon. ‪#‎placecards‬ ‪#‎thanksgiving‬

Fun Couple: Chris Evert and Chelsea Handler

Two of my favorite bawdy babes! Chris says Chels can really play, too!