Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'Well Done,' My Friend

At a work reunion in 2004

At my book signing in West Hollywood, 2014

I knew Matt Noonan when ... well, when he was pretty much exactly like this: hilarious. (Valerie Cherish has nothing on this brand of awkwardness!)

GQ's Positioned to Make You Laugh

Some great stuff in the new issue of GQ, but nothing tops their Yelp "reviews" sexual positions. Although I'd have killed to read the gay version, I think anyone can appreciate how sublime this is. Pick up the new three-covered issue to read the rest.

Watts Happening?

What the fuck, liberals? You've made light bulbs more confusing than the metric system.

Don't Miss Today's Health & Science Section

 How I wasn't interviewed for this story is anyone's guess!

Song of the Day: 'Under the Gun' by Blondie

I made a second trip to the Big Gay Ice Cream shop in the West Village yesterday on my comp day -- the first time I was accosted by a nine-foot-tall drag queen (sorry, that's redundant) and didn't see any actual ice cream, so ran -- and nearly choked on my friend's Salted Pimp when this obscure Blondie song came on over the PA. In retrospect I shouldn't have been surprised. Big Gay cofounder Doug is a fellow Go-Go's fan/friend whom I was introduced to online via my best friend Mark back in the late '90s, yet I still couldn't hide my awe for hearing this gem in public, unquestionably the standout track from the band's 1999 comeback LP, "No Exit," which I've always thought of as the sad sequel to "Go Through It." Nicely done, Mr. Quint.

Page 1 Consider (09/30)

Heads need to roll at the Secret Service -- before the president's does. This nut was ARMED and very dangerous! Read HERE.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Red Manace?

More foolish propaganda, I say. Everyone knows you can never have too much cheese.

'Deux' du Stade

  The second teaser from the upcoming 2015 Dieux du Stade calendar is here.

Rad, Bad and Hilarious to Know

Made my smile when this popped up on Tumblr. Miss you, Ms. Radner.

Ride Me, Cowboy

From Echo magazine's look back at the history of LGBT culture in Arizona. They forgot my arrival in 1979!

George Quaintance (1902–1957) was a gay American artist, famous for his stylized homoerotic images that appeared on covers of ’50s beefcake magazines, such as Physique Pictorial. Near the end of his career, he lived in Phoenix and took inspiration from his surroundings. Wild West settings were a common motif, and his artwork was instrumental in creating the modern stereotype of the “macho stud.”
Read HERE.

Couple Arrested After 5-Year-Old Son Tests Positive for Cocaine

This seems like bullshit to me. It's not their fault the kid likes to party. Read HERE.

Walls Come Tumbling Down?

Paul Weller doesn't do nostalgia, so this Twitter exchange certainly caught my eye, especially since I'm the rare fan who prefers the Style Council to the Jam. Let's just hope it's a real reunion, not the quasi one we got last time in '07.

Song of the Day: 'Things Can Only Get Better' by D:Ream

Made a reference to my childhood obsession with Howard Jones the other day to a British friend, who was amazed at the idea of a boy in Mesa, Ariz., even knowing who the English pop star was, then learned something else. Another song called "Things Can Only Get Better" -- by a Northern Irish dance band called D:Ream -- became even better known across the pond when the Labour Party adopted it as its anthem for the 1997 election. Never heard of it/them -- but it's not bad!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Visit to the Blondie Exhibit at Chelsea Hotel

My favorite photo -- so candid, and so not seen before!

Felt like Christmas morning -- getting an import 12" single of  "(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence Dear" from my mom -- attending the Blondie exhibition at the Chelsea Hotel Storefront Gallery Saturday night with my friend Tim Teeman. While as a superfan I could complain about a few things -- if Chris Stein really shot so many photos of  Debbie and the band back in the day, why are so many of the images in his new book ones we've seen so many times? (even the cover image of his NEW BOOK is rehashed! -- it was arguably the perfect presentation for medium to casual fans who may have missed some of these gems the first few (hundred) times around. Photos by Bob Gruen, Annie Leibovitz, Roberta Bayley, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bobby Grossman, Mick Rock, David Godlis, as well as Stein, plus vintage T-shirts and a display case filled with ephemera, made for a fascinating visit. And sure, the videos they had playing on a loop started to replay while we were there -- and we weren't there THAT long: this is a band that released the first-ever VIDEO ALBUM, so why not include all of their videos?! -- but I hadn't been in a room that was covered from wall to wall in Blondie memorabilia since I was a teenage boy in Arizona, so what's not to love?

Best of Blondie dress

I've been to a foam party at the Palladium back in the day, but can you imagine this?!

Debbie meets Duckie Dale

This must be from when Deb and Chris appeared on Glenn O'Brien's cable-access show, "TV Party." He's The Style Guy for GQ now

Always the hottest Blondie boy, who knew Clem could be so coquettish? 

Was she on E?

Remember what Debbie said about insuring her Warhol?

Tab Hunter was still dreamy when he shot "Polyester," for which Debbie and Chris provided the soundtrack. This was, like many, in "Making Tracks" though

There was a back room dedicated to "fan art," which apparently includes fans of Bea Arthur

My friend Tim had never seen the "Island of Lost Souls" video -- one of the handful they selected to play -- and probably wishes he never did. (OMG!)

I was so swept up on the moment that I broke down and bought the band's new double LP, which is one disc of re-recorded classics (yuck) and one disc of new stuff (mostly yuck), but includes a bonus DVD of a classic 1977 performance at CBGB during which Debbie rocked a pair of Coca-Cola pants!