Thursday, November 29, 2012

Man Thrown Out of Subway Restaurant for Being Muslim

Wow, this is really disgusting. Good thing the cops were there to "help." Welcome to Louisiana.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil liberties organization, said today that it is calling on the SUBWAY restaurant chain to apologize to a Louisiana Muslim allegedly locked out of a sandwich shop in that state because of his faith.  
A retired 63-year-old U.S. citizen of South Asian heritage who lives in New Orleans reported to CAIR that on November 21, 2012, he and his wife stopped at the SUBWAY restaurant in Shreveport, La. Before ordering, they went to the restrooms in the facility. The husband exited the restroom first and went outside the restaurant to wait for his wife in anticipation of re-entering to order their food.  
While his wife was still inside the restaurant, the victim attempted to re-enter, but was blocked at the door by a female SUBWAY employee who allegedly asked him "Are you Muslim?" When the victim replied that he is indeed Muslim, the SUBWAY employee reportedly responded, "We can't serve you." The employee then went inside the restaurant and locked the door behind her. Fearing for his wife's safety and distraught at the violation of his civil rights, the man called 911.  
When the Shreveport Police Department arrived, an officer went inside the SUBWAY restaurant and later came out to tell the victim that the manager was "scared" of him and that he "better leave."
And by "better leave" I'm sure he meant the country. Read CAIR's letter to the sandwich chain HERE.

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  1. bcarter33:47 PM

    Something about this doesn't sound right. "...went outside the restaurant to wait for his wife in anticipation of re-entering to order their food."?

    I suspect there's more to the story than we're reading in the article.


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