Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

May 2012 be bubbling over with surprises ...

Ended up going out at the 11th hour (11:10 p.m. to be exact) to join our friends Frank and Craig and a party in our neighborhood hosted by their friends "The Michaels." Am not a big New Year's guy, but after making dinner at home (very unusual) and watching "Saturday Night Fever" on the boob tube, thought it would be nice to share the big moment with a group. Glad we did. Hope you had a nice time wherever you were, too!


  1. Happy New Year, Kenneth!

  2. Anonymous8:43 PM

    The four of you would be my ideal NYC dream dinner/ conversation event! Happy New Year and thanks for the great site -- David in Boise

  3. Thanks for joining us, Kenneth! It was great seeing both of you and ringing in the New Year together.

  4. Thanks for dropping by and sharing some "Hot Fudge" (Right on!)


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