Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movember Ad Watch

With a HUGE thanks to Daniel: It would be most fitting if this were my final Movember-related post this year, because this nearly forgotten ad for English Leather Musk completely consumed me as a teen, and (I feel) shaped my sexual desires for life. This guy -- WHO is this guy?! -- drove the adolescent me (and Version 44.0) completely wild, with his shy bedroom eyes, goofy ears and wavy hair. (I always thought Johnny Davenport was to blame for my wavy hair fetish, but now I remember whose locks really teased me first.) Although I had one long-term Latin lover, Mr. Musk set the tone for my all-American with facial hair leanings -- something that has sparked complaints from readers over the years, to which I say this is my blog, so a reflection of my tastes. (If I blogged for The Advocate or Out, then I think it would be fair to expect more diversity, but this is a one-man operation, so give me a break.) If anyone has more info on this guy, my Movember would be complete. And even if they don't, I'm just happy to revisit him. In fact, I may lock myself in the bathroom tonight ... for old times' sake.


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Glad I could help you out!


  2. Anonymous9:46 PM

    This model was one of my brother's frat brothers at WSU in Washington State in the early 80's. I can't remember his name though.

  3. my crush was burt reynolds

  4. Anonymous1:49 AM

    he's so handsome in that ad!