Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael?

Haven't been paying too much attention to what's being billed as New York's first "LGBT hotel and entertainment complex" -- The Out NYC -- set to begin opening later this year in Hell's Kitchen.

  So I was happy to read today that John Blair and Beto Sutter -- of Roxy fame -- are the guys behind the hotel's big dance club, the city's first gay disco to open in 15 years. (Who better, right?) The club is reportedly opening this fall followed by the hotel and restaurants in 2012. I hear they're calling the nightclub XL, which was also the name of their now-closed lounge in Chelsea from back in the day. That bar was right by my apartment, yet I never warmed up to the place. The music was always WAY TOO LOUD -- and I wasn't even old back then! -- and it always struck me as looking like a "really modern" bar in Los Angeles -- circa 1992. Here's hoping XL 2.0 has a touch of the old Roxy in it!


  John Ritter and Dorothy Stratten go for a spin at the Roxy in Peter Bogdanovich's underrated 1981 film, "They All Laughed"

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