Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Connie Britton Does David Letterman

Gorgeous Connie Britton of "Friday Night Lights" fame was spotted entering the Ed Sullivan Theater this afternoon to tape an appearance on "Late Show With David Letterman." I can hardly wait to see pervy Dave drool all over her -- and who could blame him? If I were gonna marry a chick I'd want her to be just like this one.

I first fell in love with Connie as Ed Burns' sister-in-law in "The Brothers McMullen" way back in 1995. (The lights came up in the theater I saw it at in Washington and both of my brothers were in there, too!) I recently told Ed that I thought she was the unsung hero of the film and he wholeheartedly agreed, telling me he "lucked out" when he found her through an ad in the back of a trade magazine. Ed says he still keeps in touch with her after all these years -- I wonder if they're having dinner tonight!

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  1. Love her! Looking forward to her new FX series this fall.


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