Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tough Cookies

Everyone's making such a big deal out of the fact that the Girl Scouts are discontinuing a bunch of cookies and narrowing the choices down to six. (It made the front page of the Wall Street Journal!) The "headline news" seems to be about the elimination of Dulce de Leche and Thank U Berry Munch -- neither of which I'd ever even heard of -- but they both sound awful.

Everyone knows you just buy one box of Thin Mints, one box of Tagalongs and one box of Do-Si-Dos, get a gallon of milk, and then eat them all in 48 hours and then hate yourself for a year until that annoying guy at the office with the daughter brings the order form to work again.


  1. SFRowGuy1:51 PM

    Just one box of Thin Mints? Apparently you aren't into that much Guilt. I usually get three. But I make them last for the whole year. Eating half a box is usually enough guilt, it lasts for a couple of months.

  2. The two they are discontinuing are actually kid of good (their names do sound yuckville though). But, if they ever stopped making Thin Mints, I would throw myself off a cliff!!! I buy a case of them every year & keep them in the freezer for year-round yumminess! BTW, the 99¢ stores here in Cali have the same cookies in a rather non-yummy boxes periodically (I believe it must the vendors the GS use methinks 'cos they taste just as fab).

  3. Christopher in Aotearoa5:27 AM

    We get two kinds in Aotearoa NZ; plain and chocolate dipped (which was an innovation on the plain one - and isn't particularly nice). The plain ones are just fine.

  4. SFRowGuy2:34 PM

    Dulce de Leche is actually GSC's chocolate chip. They're bite-size, and meh! I make a much better triple chocolate cookie, if I do say so myself.

  5. Tagalongs? Isn't that what they speak in the Philippines?