Friday, January 28, 2011


Barbie needs a new boyfriend. I'm not that impressed by the selection -- Malibu Ken with no genitals looks better than these guys -- but you can help her find him by playing Hulu's "Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great All-American Boyfriend" HERE.


  1. not to be a hair-o-phobe, but doesn't everyone know Ken has to be a blonde? it's one of his defining features, like Barbie's boobs.

    (although, I always suspected Ken was a bottle blonde ....)

  2. Several of them look more like Guido Ken. And why no blondes? (I think the original Ken was blonde.)

  3. Miche Rutledge12:36 PM

    What's with the last guy's Ode to Alfalfa cowlick? Why would he think that was attractive any where but in a Lil Rascals movie?