Friday, October 29, 2010

You've Come Along Way, Indeed

In conjunction with its new logo, the WTA posted this clip highlighting the tour's greatest players of the last 37 years, dating back to the famed Original Nine. The video really made me smile, but would have been even better with a dash of Andrea Jaeger ...

The Original Nine: Left to right, seated: Judy Tegart Dalton, Kerry Melville Reid, Rosie Casals, Gladys Heldman (standing in for daughter Julie), Kristy Pigeon. Standing, left to right: Valerie Ziegenfuss, Billie Jean King, Nancy Richey, Peaches Bartkowicz.

A 1980 reunion of the Original Nine in New York City. Showing their symbolic dollars are women's tour catalysts Gladys Heldman and Billie Jean King, with original pros Valerie Ziegenfuss, Peaches Bartkowicz, Phillip Morris' Joe Cullman, Nancy Richey, Julie Heldman and Rosie Casals
A 1986 reunion of the Original Nine: Judy Dalton, Kerry Melville Reid, Rosie Casals, Julie Heldman, Billie Jean King (seated), Kristy Pigeon, Peaches Bartkowicz, Nancy Richey and Valerie Ziegenfuss.

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