Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun 'Couples' at the Emmys

With the visibility of same-sex couples at an all time high at this year's Emmy Awards -- Neil Patrick Harris/David Burtka and Jane Lynch/Lara Embry shining the brightest with three trophies between them -- you gotta figure Rock Hudson is taking a break from having sex with hundreds of young studs somewhere to look down and smile. But as great as our award-winning gays were, here are a few of my other fave "duos" from the night:

"Bosom Buddies" reunion: Tom Hanks and Holland Taylor

This'll Work: Scott Bakula and Joel McHale -- one for sex, one for laughs

Lose That Hubby: Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin

Party of Two: Matthew Fox and Eric Stonestreet

Mad Women: January Jones and Christina Hendricks

The only thing thinner than Lea Michele these days is Chris Colfer's voice

Mad About You: Jon Hamm and non-wife Jennifer Westfeldt

The perpetually hot Dennis Quaid and ... well, who really cares?

Kiss and Make Up: Jane and Matthew Morrison


  1. When did Matt Fox's face get so long?

  2. when the hell is the oompa-loompa look going to be over?

  3. Love Neil Patrick Harris to death, but his evening attire is atrocious. It is a cross between something James West and Mr. Gateman might wear. David Burtka looks terrific, but he should have stopped his spouse from wearing what he did!

  4. I believe the woman next to Dennis Quaid is "blonde Courteney Cox"


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