Thursday, July 01, 2010

Page 1 Consider (07/01)

  • Touchdown! A lot of people are making fun of Tom Brady's new look, accusing him of having a case of Justin Bieber fever. But in this shot of him at the christening of his son with Gisele Bundchen recently in Santa Monica, I'd say he looks '70s-licious! (Sun)

  • Conservative Move: Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher? Hello, Oscar! (Reuters)

  • 'Opposite' Attracts: Not sure what to get Carrie Prejean as a wedding gift for her impending nuptials to Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller? We've got 10 can't-miss ideas HERE!

  • Law and Order: Attendees of the Robert Wone trial made a point of saying how unbelievable Joseph Price and Dylan Ward were in their interrogations. Watch the videos and decide for yourself HERE.

  • AIDS in America: This report on how the government program that gives life-sustaining drugs to people with HIV and AIDS who cannot afford them is crumbling under the economic collapse is completely disturbing, and the only real proof of "trickle-down economics" I have ever seen. It's bad enough the rest of the world has decided reduced funding should be used for more readily treatable diseases (such as malaria), but the United States? That my best friend happened to tell me of a mutual pal who had gone from undetectable amounts of HIV in his blood a couple years ago to full-blown AIDS (and lymphoma) since losing his job and his ability to stay on his meds only makes the story seem that much more real. (NYT)

  • Arizona Fallout: This is what happened when your state government is myopic and racist. (Fox)

  • College Bowl: Former college football heartthrobs Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn find themselves battling it out -- along with Kyle Orton -- for the starting QB position in Denver. (ESPN)

  • This Is the Story of One Stranger: Wow, you know you're getting really old when a former cast member of "The Real World" is not only running for Congress, but you've never even heard of him! (The Huffington Post)

  • Slipped 'Em a Ruffalo: Mark Ruffalo told MTV that he has been cast to play the lead role of Ned Weeks in "The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer's iconic film that has bought and sold more times than a Santa Monica hooker. (MTV)

  • On the Verge: Are these Tinseltown's next big stars? (NYDN)

  • Hollywood Family Values: It definitely sounds like Ally Sheedy is taking the news that her daughter is a lesbian a lot better than Warren Beatty is that his is transgender.

    1. for Prejean...get her a picture of her husband getting a bj from a guy...

    2. People must stop saying it's a Bieber haircut. I've been seeing that cute 70's-throwback style on guys all over the place before Bieber appeared.


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