Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Social Security in the USA

Debbie Harry is asking her fans who insist on buying her birthday presents -- the Blondie legend turns 65 tomorrow -- to instead donate the money toward environmental causes: 

"I have started receiving gifts for my upcoming birthday and I am touched by the generosity and love you are showing me still after all these years. Thank you. The reason I'm writing to you is to ask that you donate the money you might spend on such a present for me to an environmental cause. These are issues that we all face and must address to insure the evolution of the human race. ... I haven't made a list of organizations that you might give to but whether it be for animals or air or water or earth, it will be a really good investment." 

A fan in Dublin, however, got around her request and gave her a portrait he'd done of her, which Debbie appears to be fully prepared to donate to a turtle in the Gulf of Mexico (or is she recreating her pout?). While I've been "dreading" Blondie's impending new album (I'm an obsessive freak and don't want this watered down version of the band to tarnish their catalogue any more than they already have with "No Exit" and "The Curse of Blondie"), live versions I've heard of two new songs ("What I Heard" and "Mother") aren't rubbing me particularly the wrong way, although that god-awful wig is (how's that for an endorsement?!). What also is is the fact that they are touring with the Pretenders in Australia, but not in the U.S. (My two favorite bands on one bill!) 

While I know I shouldn't bitch -- Debbie's not going to be touring forever -- it doesn't help that the band seems to be touring with Cheap Trick (fun) and the B-52's (funner) all around the States, just not here in New York.

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