Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrity Sin

On Saturday night we went to see the gay pride edition of "Celebrity Autobiography," which I must say has to be the funniest stage show I've ever seen. There's nothing more hilarious than a celebrity who takes himself too seriously, so it becomes all the more wonderful when you have the likes of Rachel Dratch, Cheyenne Jackson, Kristen Johnston, John Cameron Mitchell, Mario Cantone, Bruce Vilanch, and B.D. Wong taking the offending stars' words -- verbatim -- and bringing them to life. Click HERE to find out when the next performance will be. You really can't make this shit up!

Rachel Dratch reads Joan Lunden
Bruce Villanch reads fellow big girl Star Jones
Cheyenne Jackson reads David Hasselhoff
Kristen Johnston -- complete with temporary mole -- reads Cindy Crawford's diaries from the set of "Fair Game"
John Cameron Mitchell reads the poems of Suzanne Somers
Mario Cantone reads Carrie Prejean
B.D. Wong reads Geraldo Rivera, with Mario standing in for Liza, the one that got away

Kristen, Cheyenne and Rachel read from Debbie Reynolds' and Liz Taylor's memoirs

More fun with La Liz

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