Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 Men Acquitted in Wone Murder Case

The three men strongly suspected of murdering Robert Wone were found "not guilty" of obstruction, conspiracy and evidence tampering in a courtroom in Washington on Tuesday. People who watched the trial said this was not a surprise given the DA office's presentation, yet not since O.J. Simpson has the difference between "not guilty" and "innocent" been more glaringly obvious. The guys at Who Murdered Robert Wone? have this covered on all angles, including thoughts from the day after HERE, the difference between "acquitted" and "innocent" HERE, and why the case doesn't end with Tuesday's verdict (get ready for the civil trial -- something I have a problem with despite the fact that these guys deserve to be formally punished in some way -- HERE

 Doug writes: The Wone family will likely never see anyone sent to prison in connection with Robert’s murder. That must be a hard truth to acknowledge for them, but it’s a truth all the same. Barring a major break it seems unlikely new criminal charges will be brought. And while the costs of the civil suit may haunt the defendants until their dying day, this must seem far from justice.


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