Monday, September 29, 2008

Straight Model Sues Genre Over 'Vulgar' Photo

Maybe if "straight" model Benjamin Massing didn't go around yanking on his skimpy undies with those bedroom eyes then the "gays" wouldn't be so inclined to make him seem so "lustful and sexually promiscuous." Read the full story HERE. (Bottom line: did he sign a release or not?) And believe me, this is real. I once had a douche bag of a model demand that a photographer who had given me pics he had taken of him get me to take them down. You know what a stigma homosexuality is in the fashion industry ...

Note to Genre: If I were defending this lawsuit I would use this photo and caption from the plaintiff's MySpace to call into question his truthfulness:!


  1. Anyone have the original page this appeared on? What IS sketchy to me is that he did the shoot for Day without any idea what it was for. Aside from all that, this happens often—straight models acting all prissy about "OMG, my sexuality has been impugned!" when seeing themselves in gay mags. But it's a joke to argue he can't book family stuff. NOBODY READS GENRE (sorry, Genre, I don't mean it literally) compared to the people who will now read about his lawsuit.

  2. me thinks he doth protest too much......


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