Friday, September 26, 2008

My Seldom-Told Story

While I'm the first to admit that a truly hot guy can look good in anything, as far as I'm concerned real men wear boxers. Briefs are man-panties best left to little boys. And boxer-briefs are for people who can't take a side (or guys who secretly wanted to try on Mom's girdler). But a man in boxers (woof!). Am I the only guy left who feels this way?


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I'd love to wear boxers. But like some guys, I have a big dick and there is no way I can wear boxers with suit pants without getting arrested.

    Also, there's the issue of boner management. If your dick is dangling down your leg and getting rubbed up and down when you walk, you get a hard-on or plumped up pretty easily.

    Plus, briefs let you holster your hard-on until it subsides.

    That said, I love boxers. I remember watching hot jocks at university walking around in the dorm and enjoying regular flop-outs. These guys were apparently oblivious (I wonder though) and you'd see their dicks pop out of the middle all the time.

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    No, you're definitely not the only one. LOL@ the man-panties. I'm so glad you brought this up. There seems to be serious lacking of men wearing boxers in mainstream media and this should change once and for all!

  3. Wearing boxers is just free ballin' with an extra layer of fabric left to bunch up in pants.

    Boxer briefs or unencumbered commando are my preference.(Though the model in GQ wears the boxers WELL! ! !)

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Absolutely nothing sexier than a guy in old fashioned boxers! I wholeheartedly agree with you!!


  5. I couldn't agree more! I have always though that boxers were so masculine and sexy. When a guy undresses and has briefs on I am always dissapointed.


  6. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I like the boxer briefs because they keep the boys in place without all the floping aroundand with out the constriction of briefs.

  7. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Definitely not. I only wear boxers, and try to only sleep with men that do too.

  8. Anonymous3:31 PM

    wearing boxers with jeans is like a woman taking her dress and cramming it into her panty hose.
    I agree about the briefs, but if you dislike man panties so much, why do you feature another skinny model in man panties just 4 posts down from this one?

  9. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Absolutely NOT!!!

  10. I'm with PJ. Boxers are hot on the outside, but under most pants they're just weird budges that you hope no one notices.

    And I'm not sure boxer briefs are about getting into Momma's girdle. To me, they're more about refusing to grow up. And they show off my thighs...

  11. Thank you anon...
    I have a big dick and it does NOT do well in the tent called boxers..
    I also prefer to see a man's bulge, enhanced by the support of briefs...and find it sexy if a man wears boxer-briefs...BUT THAT'S JUST MY TASTE.

  12. There is a really good article, on, about boxers vs. briefs. It's a wonderful piece on WHY you think only "Real Men" wear boxers and who exactly is selling you this fantasy and which one is actually more popular in America and around the world.

  13. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I don't think I need AfterElton and a 5,000 word blog post to tell me WHY I also think real men wear boxers: I just find them sexiest -- nothing more, nothing less!

  14. Anonymous5:43 AM

    You are not alone. I've been wearing boxers since junior high. And I prefer that my men wear boxers . . . briefs are for little boys.

  15. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I hate boxer shorts. I don't like dangling around. However, they are fine to sleep in.

    As for a man wearing them, and only boxers. Obviously I can enjoy both. With the tightie-whities you get the bulge, with the boxers, you can wonder.

  16. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Depends on what type of pants I'm wearing.

    I think an in shape man in boxers is extremely sexy.

  17. I'm another one who doesn't wear boxers because of the "arousal factor." I used to be so turned on all the time when I wore them (not that there is anything wrong with that - don't get me wrong, I loved it!) but I thought of nothing else all day long except my semi-hard/hard cock all day long. It was beginning to drive me crazy, so I had to swap to boxer-briefs. I find them extremely sexy, keeps everything in place and I wear the boxers when I am either home, or doing work around the house.

  18. Anonymous9:50 AM

    It depends on what you're wearing.

    Under dress pants or slacks, boxers are fine, and can look mature and stylish.

    Under tight-fitting jeans, however, boxers tend to bunch up or ride up, and they look awkward. Jeans are made for briefs (or boxer briefs).

    Also, boxers are not suitable for the gym. They don't give any support, and people might have the misfortune of seeing up your leg sleeve. Get some tighty-whiteys to match your white gym socks instead.

  19. I've been wearing boxers for 16 years and would never go back to briefs. I'm with you, Kenneth.


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