Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Human Nature

People started lining up Monday morning(!) to get first-come, first-served tickets to Madonna's free show going on right now at Roseland Ballroom. I obviously didn't partake -- I actually haven't seen Madonna since the Blonde Ambition tour in 1990, twice in L.A. -- but I know people who did. Every time she comes to town I tell myself I don't want to go (I've always been a much bigger fan of her music than her theatrics, and that embarrassing Girlie Show I saw on HBO convinced me that I'd seen enough) -- and the obscene ticket prices usually convince me that I made the right decision. But then concert night comes and a twinge of nonbuyer's remorse usually comes over me. I'm pretty blah about the new album -- nothing too horrible (except "Spanish Lesson") and nothing too great (except "Dance 2night" and the first two minutes of "Incredible," at which point things go so horribly wrong that it becomes intolerable) -- but tomorrow I will get the lowdown and we'll see if that twinge fades away ...


  1. supposedly the concert was supposed to be live on when I went there, the video was unavailable...

  2. It's amazing how fans will line up and endure almost anything to see a show or idol.


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