Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Photologue

There's something about a VW Thing that always makes me smile, especially parked on the streets of Manhattan with Florida plates!

Spotted this stud standing in line next to Michael at Starbucks this afternoon. He had to be a model -- gorgeous face, 6-2 and built. He drank coffee and ate a Hershey bar stored in his backpack and then wandered off to Whole Foods in Chelsea before I could propose ...
Something about the relationship between a mother and her son always warms my heart. Of course it's even warmer when the son is a strapping blond hunk.
This young woman is quite attractive, but what she was thinking in this outfit is beyond me. She needs to return to the store where she bought this and see if she mistakenly left her ass in the fitting room.


  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    This whole post made me laugh you funny man!! Wheres her ass? Cute blonde boy etc...Cheers!!--from not a highlighted hispanic fan...

  2. LOL! love the pics of real people, wonder if they have any idea they are being photographed??


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