Monday, August 28, 2006

Hits & Misses: Emmy Awards

EMMY MEN: I don't know who this Oded Fehr is, but damn he's hot; Justin Chambers, Patrick Dempsey and Peter Krause weren't too hard on the eyes, either (clockwise).

EMMY WOMEN: Morgan Fairchild, the star of the upcoming "Fashion House" telenouvela on MyNetwork, showed up looking younger than half the 20somethings in the audience; Debra Messing sported fun bangs, Lisa Kudrow was robbed of an award for her Valerie Cherish role in "The Comeback" (who's ever heard of "The New Adventures of Old Christine"?) and funny lady Kathy Griffin cleaned up pretty well (clockwise).

The red carpet is frequently a parking lot of discarded stars. Anthony Michael Hall kept the tradition alive.
In the evening's most dramatic moment, Tori and Candy Spelling sat on opposite ends of the auditorium during a tribute to the late television producer Aaron Spelling. His original "Charlie's Angels" -- Farrah Fawcett Majors, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith -- got together for the first time in decades to pay their respect.

While Tony Shalhoub continued to defy logic by winning yet again, the academy got a couple of things right this year -- like "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and "The Office" taking home big prizes. The tribute to Dick Clark was sweet, as was seeing our good friend Bob Newhart throughout the night.


  1. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Anyone else notice how Barry Manilow's face didn't move above his mouth? And I had to laugh my ass off when he said he would be bringing his Emmy into surgery tomorrow. I immediately hoped he wasn't having that face carved into again! (Note: Manilow is actually having cartilage repair surgery on his hips.)

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Anthony Michael Hall does have a series on USA. Which is kind of like still being relevant. Heh.

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Oded was in the MUMMY movies with Brendan Fresier & the RESIDENT EVIL movies with Mila Johoba-vich, including RESIDENT EVIL 3 in 2007. He's super hot!!!
    Steve Carrel was ripped off!! MONK? Again????

  4. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Also, for more of Oded, plus several other very handsome men and a great storyline to boot, check out "Sleeper Cell" from Showtime, now on DVD. Exceptional series...

  5. Ya know...Hall HAS grown into quite the hunk man.


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