Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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  • Oh, Master P: Say it isn't so ... A day after appearing on the "Dancing With the Stars" finale, Master P headed to court Monday where a judge ordered the hip-hop mogul and his younger brother to stand trial on weapons charges. I had such high hopes for you and Drew. (AP)

  • Media Racist? The RetroCrush has a nice recap of the low moments of 2005. No. 3 is particularly disturbing, how the news channels covered the disappearance of the missing white teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba around the clock, while Hispanic woman Carmen Sandiego remains missing with no media attention whatsoever. (RetroCrush)

  • Equality Bites Us in the Arse: London gay bars and clubs will be unable to turn away straight revellers on the basis of their sexuality or gender when the Equality Bill comes into force, according to a leaked Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) memo. “If customers were turned away only because their answers to these questions indicated that they were straight, this could be discrimination,” the memorandum states. OK, then. But don't expect us not to stare when the man-on-woman dancing and makeout sessions get going. (PinkNews)

  • Fatty Watch: With the growing concern of obesity in young children, recent studies reveal that a significant number of children each year are being diagnosed with a form of diabetes, which normally affects middle-aged adults. / What is this country going to do with a whole generation of 30-year-olds who are medically disabled, can't work, and have no health insurance? (Hillary Rodham Clinton was on to something 10 years ago.) It's stunning that even in a must-walk city like New York the streets are littered with obese kids. I look at them struggling to walk down the street and just think how sad (and disgusting) it really is. (AllHeadline)

  • Looking for a Mr. Goodbar: Are elementary schools the new singles' bars? / Fifth-Grade Teacher Held on Charges of Sex With Boy, 11 (LA Times)
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