Monday, February 27, 2006

Page 1 Consider (02/27)

  • Winning Ways: Hunky German tennis star Tommy Haas wins his second straight tournament this weekend, in Memphis, beating Robin Soderling of Sweden 6-3, 6-2. (AP)
  • The Face of Evil: President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has launched a blistering attack on homosexuality in a speech to mark his birthday. Mugabe, who has previously described gay people as worse than"dogs and pigs" used an hour long speech to warn Zimbabweans of the dangers of homosexuality and threatened pro-gay clergy with prison sentences. Has he ever heard of a cake and ice cream? (PinkNews)
  • Race Swap: Some of the participants on the new FX reality show "Black.White." -- who through the magic of Hollywood assumed a new skin color -- have been quoted as saying that they were "treated differently" in their new personas. Did it ever occur to these people that people were treating them differently because they looked like a bunch of freaks -- not because they were "that other race"? Get a load of the "white" son on the right. I see not a lot has improved in the world of makeup artistry since "Soul Man" ... (NYT)
  • Olympic Bore: Ciao to the Winter Games ... and not a minute too soon. At least it was a good reason for Ricky Martin to prance around looking hot ... (WP)
  • Be Warned, J.Lo: New Light Shed on Critic of Fannie (WP)
  • Father Figure: Pop tart George Michael was arrested for possesion of drugs after the singer was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car. Are they sure he wasn't just giving an undercover passenger head? (Reuters)
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