Saturday, February 25, 2006

Off to the Regal Beagle in the Sky

I'm wearing my ascot at half-staff this evening with the passing of the great Don Knotts. He was best-known for his role as Barney Fife on "The Andy Griffith Show," but I was of the era that loved him for his portrayal of Ralph Furley (he was the best thing to ever happen to "Three's Company"). Knotts also starred in dozens of films. I remember loving him in those old "Apple Dumpling Gang" movies, and we never let my little sister, Jennifer, live down the time she claimed to be too scared to go to bed one night after seeing "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." (It's easy to understand why: Knotts played a typesetter(!) who dreamed of becoming a reporter by spending the night in an alleged haunted house! Talk about spooky!)

Thanks for all of the laughs, Mr. Knotts. Rest in peace.

  • Don Knotts, TV's Barney Fife, Dies
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