Monday, February 27, 2006

Morning Wood: Paul Walker

My (straight) brother Terence says it must be nice to "win the genetic lottery" like Paul Walker did. Indeed. It's certainly nice for us gay brothers to look at, too. It's a shame Paul can't find a decent project. He's currently starring in two films out -- a children's movie and a violent mobster film -- but neither of them was appealing enough to lure me in to see those blue eyes on the big screen. But I could look at this cover photo from TORO, Canada's Magazine for Men, all night long ... (thanks, Lavi!)


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  2. "eight below" totally ruled! you'd love it.

  3. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Paul Walker is hot. I have never known of him before, but I will check him "out" so to speak.


  4. Anonymous6:57 PM

    After seeing "Running Scared" this weekend (not my idea), I'd say you'd get more entertainment and enjoyment just from staring at this photo for two hours.


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