Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mercy Reef, Mercy Me

There are a number of rumors floating around regarding the change in casting for the pilot of the new Aquaman series.

First off, I've read that hunky "American Idol" alum Alan Ritchson, who played the role on the WB's "Smallville," was not even considered for the role (apparently the word on the street was nice body, not-so-nice acting abilities). Then the unknown Will Toale was dubbed the new Arthur Curry just last month. When word leaked out yesterday that "Passions" stud Justin Hartley was in and Toale was out, the rumor mill had it that the merger of UPN and the WB had led to some new CW executives entering the picture, and these new execs met Will Toale (who looks way too much like Matt Damon to be Aquaman, in my opinion) and didn't care for his "arrogant attitude."

I've arranged a line-up of the the three Aqua wannabes -- along with the one and only original. So who do you think would be best-equipped to fill those tights?

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Option D for sure. MMMMMMMMMM


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