Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Page 1 Consider (01/24)

  • Clay Rights: A gay rights group has accused "American Idol" of being homophobic. I was thinking the same thing, just like all of those Judy Garland movies. (AP)

  • Long Island Ice-Breaker: Mary Jo and Joey Buttafuoco and slated to appear with Amy Fisher in a televised reunion. (This has to be the greatest idea ever.) Now 31, Amy says she's changed a lot since then, when she was an impressionable young girl under the influence of a much older man. No word if her 58-year-old husband will be in attendance. (Washington Post)

  • ABC's Reasons Why Not: ABC says its yanked Heather Graham's new comedy, "Emily's Reasons Why Not," because it sucked. Sounds fishy to me -- when has that ever been a reason to cancel a network show? (AP)

  • Two of Us: Paul McCartney says his wife, Heather Mills, gave him an ultimatum: quit smoking pot or she wouldn't marry him. As we know, McCartney chose Heather and hasn't smoked the wacky tobaccy in years. McCartney said that he now uses the time he used to devote to getting baked to making fun of Heather's gimp leg. (Ireland Online)

  • Jack Off: Photos of President Bush with the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff have been confirmed. It seems the famed news photographer Jeff Gannon took them. (NYT)

  • A Poultry Excuse: An Istanbul court dropped charges against the novelist Orhan Pamuk for "insulting" Turkey, ending a trial that put the country at odds with the European Union over the issue of freedom of speech. In its ruling, the court acknowledged that Pamuk had indeed hurt Turkey's feelings, but allowed him to say he was sorry ("like you really mean it") and go home. (NYT)
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