Friday, December 23, 2005

You Prob'ly Think This Stamp Is About You

My friend Nina is notorious for buying offbeat gifts. This year's Christmas present -- PhotoStamps ("Real Postage. Really You.) -- was especially fun because she incorporated a photo from a recent 20-year reunion of all our friends (above).

Ever the trendsetter, Nina's gift turns out to be the hottest thing around. The New York Times picked up on the "vanity stamp" craze and ran a piece about it in Thursday's paper.

One guy interviewed really stood out (a man after my own heart):

Dan Friedman, a 24-year-old events coordinator for Cellhire, an international phone rental service in Manhattan, ordered stamps for his Hanukkah cards with pictures of himself. "I am that vain," Mr. Friedman said.

"This is the only time of year I actually send anything out in the post," he said. "If there's ugly dead presidents and birds and flowers on stamps, then there might as well be me too."

(Lick that, biatch!)

  • Read: Vanity Postage (NYT)
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