Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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  • Hotel Hell: Child killer Joel Steinberg slept here (NYT) (see? NY Post)
  • Gay is the new looney, at least for actors (NYT)
  • I saw Bob Woodward on "Larry King" tonight and he really didn't seem to "get it." Unfortunately for him, The Washington Post's ombuds(wo)man does (AFP)
  • Aren't we all? Still Wild About Debbie Harry (Eastern Daily Press)
  • All that glitters is gold: Gary Glitter has underage yellow fever (TimesOnline)
  • Bloodless Coup: I never cared for needles anyway (Advocate)
  • Oddly, no 'confession' here: High-ranking priest allegedly conducted ‘sham confessions’ probing boys about their sex lives (AP)
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