Friday, September 24, 2021

Manhattan Cat Specialists: Upper West Side Veterinarian Staff Displays Callous Streak

Kitties through the glass

This one hurts. 

Damian and I were thrilled to discover a cats-only vet, Manhattan Cat Specialists, near our new apartment, figuring it would be nice for Harvey (and us) to not have to deal with dogs during what is typically a stressful outing for our baby. 

After taking him there two full weeks ago because he was vomiting (more than normal for a cat) and appeared to be losing weight, they went radio silent on us. We were kind of beside ourselves -- at one point the vomiting increased even more -- when we finally got an email saying the vet had gotten sick. This was totally understandable, only they then again vanished -- despite having a sign up saying they were going to be closed *one* day -- refusing to provide the results to the blood work we had paid for so we could continue Harvey's treatment elsewhere. 

(I know about the sign because at one point I walked by to see if I could figure out what was going on and discovered they had left the house cats -- Ginger and Ozzy -- to their own devices. I could see no food or water through the glass, but I did see puke and a furry girl who was dying for affection.) 

It was unclear when a human last checked in on the practice's live-in mascots 

They finally reopened today. And rather than figuring out a way to get Harvey in for the ultrasound the doctor said he needed TWO WEEKS AGO, an employee (Rachel Brunell) waited until 6 p.m. on a Friday to be thin-skinned and unhelpful, leaving us to depart for our vacation on Monday they were well aware of with no resolution to the problem we attempted to address with ample time to spare. (Rachel says their "management company" wouldn't *allow* them to do work while the doctor was ill, so it's just too bad we didn't receive Harvey's blood work in a timely fashion.) 

Very disappointing as I assumed a practice that specialized in cats would be more caring ... about cats. Clearly I was wrong.


Jeffery said...

Time for another vet. Hope Harvey is OK.

Rix said...

Welcome to the new vet experience. Where you are privileged they will deign to treat you pet and speak AT you. (fricken milz and zoomers)
Also remember they will only look at what you think is wrong, but no be very vague about what is wrong with your furry buddie and let them ask questions.